Wright Drilling & Exploration Discovers Another New Oil Field with Their Ninth Successful Well in Oklahoma


May 25, 2018

Creek County, Oklahoma – Wright Drilling & Exploration, Inc. announced today the successful drilling and testing of their latest oil well project, BRAZ LEON #1, located in Creek County, Oklahoma.

Michael W. Wright, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wright Drilling & Exploration commented, “I am grateful and honored that we could drill this well in the name of my late grandfather Braz Leon Jones. I am even more moved that through our exploration we have found oil and his name will continue for many more years to come.”

Wright Drilling & Exploration started drilling this well about one week ago, reached its total depth yesterday and started testing the wellbore at 3 AM this morning. The electronic logs testing confirmed the presence of oil and natural gas in at least three of its payzones within this new wellbore. BRAZ LEON #1 is now going into its completion phase and preparing for its production.

Mark Kennedy, Advisory Board Member of Wright Drilling & Exploration added, “My late grandfather Braz Leon Jones was part of the greatest generation and one of the men that made this country great. Me and my family are so happy to have his name proudly displayed on our latest successful well to live on in perpetuity.”

Wright Drilling & Exploration continues to expand its leaseholds and oilfields in the states of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. BRAZ LEON #1 is Wright Drilling & Exploration’s ninth successful drilling project in Oklahoma. Overall, Wright Drilling & Exploration now owns over twenty producing oil and natural gas wells.



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